Spring Clean at Newton Burrows



A small army of litter pickers – well at least seven or eight – assembled near the slipway at 10am  last Saturday morning. They were greeted by the ever – smiling Rob Jones and Brian Jones from keep Wales Tidy. With Health and Safety always very much in mind Rob gazed over the Channel and declared there was no imminent danger so the battle against litter could begin.Unfortunately he had forgotten the hoops with which to keep the bags open. Every litter-picker worth his salt knows what a difference these make especially on a windy seafront. Back to basics and Rob suggested inserting a stone in every bag. An immediate dilemma for your scribe and again one which we all face on such occasions. To pick up every last bit of broken glass, every bottle top, every sweet wrapper …..or to move on and create a generally better picture? Only able to stay for 75 minutes I never moved from a ten metre square bush immediately behind the lifeguards’ huts. Pursuing the ‘All or Nothing’ policy, from this I battled to extract over 200 items mainly bottles and a few cans. At least few were broken. If only would be litterers could be persuaded to leave their bottles whole in a neat pile and dog owners not to throw their poo bags into the deepest part of the undergrowth then life for do- gooders such as us would be so much easier.  Nevertheless, I am sure we all went home to Saturday lunch bewailing the thoughtlessness of a minority of our fellow humans but with a smug expression on our faces or at least an inner glow of self satisfaction at a job well done.Our beautiful coast line deserves such loving care!


Dave Bush


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1 Response to Spring Clean at Newton Burrows

  1. Well done all. David, I must say you look very dandy in that hat!

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