Birdwalk at Lock’s Common by Leigh F

Ably led by David Carrington of Kenfig Nature Reserve, and official photographer Rob Jones, Bridgend Countryside Officer we set off from Rest Bay Life Guard Station and headed over the common towards the sea. The tide was in and a strong on-shore wind was blowing but it was dry and we could see clear skies over the Bristol Channel. A couple of Jackdaws and Herring Gulls started us off. Once on the headland a couple of Meadow Pippits were spotted in the gorse. We heard a fabulous songbird, which David identified as a Skylark which Linda spotted high above us. This bird was flapping furiously in the wind before parachuting elegantly down to the gorse. Having never heard or seen a Skylark before, I was transfixed and it’s now officially my favourite bird. We saw Blackbirds, Starlings, then a single Cormorant flew overhead. We were unlucky not to see any Rock Pippets, but plenty of Linnets were zipping round. The gorse on the common is perfect habitat for them. As we got nearer the houses we spotted Dunnock, Magpie, Pigeon, Collared Dove and a Carrion Crow having what we think was a bit of fish for lunch. Walking back to Rest Bay on the road side of the common we were out of the wind and Chris spotted a couple of black and orange catapillars. David took some photos to help identify them later. One of the youngsters also saw a black centipede. The insects were an added bonus. Along the edge of this pathway the vegetation was more lush with elder, honeysuckle and other green stuff I can’t name! Here we spotted green finches, house sparrows and some beautiful Whitethroats in fine voice. Back at Malc’s cafe we could see House Martins swooping around the Rest Home and after a well deserved cappuccino and cookie we all agreed that although our species count was quite modest, we all had a great morning and will certainly try to make the evening Bird Walk at Newton Burrows, Porthcawl on Wednesday 8th June. Meeting at the Beach Road Car Park at 6.30pm. Thanks David & Rob, I’m a bird watching c0nvert!

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1 Response to Birdwalk at Lock’s Common by Leigh F

  1. Thanks for your kind comments Leigh. It was an good morning. Lock’s Common is a great place for a walk and has lots of coastal and scrub-dwelling birds.

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