The Bridgend ‘Species of the Day’ today is the Fen Orchid

Our ‘species of the day’ series is a month long feature throughout June 2011 that celebrates biodiversity in the County Borough of Bridgend, South Wales. It’s part of Wales Biodiversity Week that promotes biodiversity and its benefits throughout Wales.

Today’s local species in Bridgend is the Fen Orchid (Liparis loeselii Var. ovata)

The dune slacks of Kenfig National Nature Reserve are one of the last strongholds of the Fen Orchid and, as part of an ongoing programme to protect it, CCW (Countryside Council for Wales) is working in partnership with Kenfig staff to improve the habitat at the nature reserve. There is already a programme of close mowing being carried out each year to simulate the effects of animal grazing necessary for the orchids’ survival, but now it is proposed to create new dune slacks in the hope that the orchids will colonise them.

Visit the Kenfig Discovery day, today 12th June 10-16:00, ask the wardens about the Fen orchid and see how many of the 15 recognised species of orchids at Kenfig NNR you can find.

About Bridgend Countryside Volunteer Events

Bridgend Countryside Volunteer blog provides details of the opportunities to get involved with managing the coast and countryside in the County Borough of Bridgend
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