The Bridgend ‘Species of the Day’ today is the Dipper

Dipper, originally uploaded by birdtracker.

Our ‘species of the day’ series is a month long feature throughout June 2011 that celebrates biodiversity in the County Borough of Bridgend, South Wales. It’s part of Wales Biodiversity Week that promotes biodiversity and its benefits throughout Wales.

Today’s local species of the day in Bridgend is the Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)

The dipper is a plump brown bird with a white front that is found throughout the year in the UK along fast flowing rivers. It gets its name from the bobbing motion the bird makes when perched on stones and rocks. The dipper feeds primarily on insects, which it dives for and collects from river beds. The presence of insects in a river are an important indicator of river quality, so the presence of dippers on our rivers in Bridgend are a good sign that they are in a healthy state for wildlife to thrive.

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2 Responses to The Bridgend ‘Species of the Day’ today is the Dipper

  1. Derek Hanlin says:

    Why don’t you ask people to report if they have seen any of the birds ect in their area and you could build up a picture of the wild life in many areas.

    Here in Gilfach Goch we have Dippers nesting, Red Kites on the hills and some one has Peacocks and Peahens in their garden!!!!!!


    Derek Hanlin

  2. That’s a really good point Derek, when we build up enough subscribers that would be certainly worthwhile us doing. Thanks for contributing!

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