Sat 7th April 10.30 to 2.30 – River clean-up at Bryngarw Park

Hoping to finish off last week’s sterling efforts cleaning up the Garw river in Bryngarw. Bring waders, wellies or your bikini (brrrrrrrrrrr…. maybe not!) and work off those Easter eggs in advance!

Meet in the car park

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1 Response to Sat 7th April 10.30 to 2.30 – River clean-up at Bryngarw Park

  1. leighbgb7 says:

    This is an annual event to clear the rubbish washed down from the Garw Valley.

    Last year the tree that crossed the river was removed and the bank shored up. so there wasn’ t the usual bottleneck of rubbish to clear. Also as we haven’t had our usual level of rainfall, they were helped greatly by the low level of the water.

    Some of the volunteer group started the clear up last Saturday and managed to clear a large section from the North end of the park to level with the car park. Today myself and Ranger Dan finished the lower stretch of the river. We had several black bags full of shredded plastic bags, cans, bottles plus a couple of bikes, a tyre and plastic cones.

    We think that it’s the first time since volunteering started over 5 years ago that the complete length of the river has been done which is a real achievement.

    On the wildlife front Spring is definitely in the air, we upset the dippers that usually hang out at the river. We also spotted a huge buzzard circling overhead. Wood anenomes and bluebells are everywhere and Dan pointed out Wood Sorrel, an edible woodland plant.

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