Just wanted to share this with you………. Update!

This is Mrs. Woodpecker on my bird feeder,  she and Mr. Woodpecker visit several times a day (usually separately but occasionally one leaves as the other arrives) and their favourite nibbles are the fatballs and suet blocks with insects or fruit. I assume that they are a breeding pair and can’t wait for all the baby woodpeckers to visit the feeder!

************BREAKING NEWS**************

Mrs W and 2 baby woodpeckers on the feeder last night! I will now have to lie in wait for hours to try and get a photo 🙂

The young ones are nearly the same size as the adults but have no co-ordination yet and keep falling off the feeder! Luckily the cat is too old to bother about them and just watches through the window laughing to herself!

(Woodpecker ID – Adult males have red nape to the neck/back of head

Juveniles of both sexes have a red cap

Adult females have no red on the head)

Watch this space!


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2 Responses to Just wanted to share this with you………. Update!

  1. Roy says:

    I have the same Ceri – but no youngsters as yet. I do however have a family of blue tits just emerged from my nest box and a regular bullfinch. We are keeping the wildlife going in Broadlands.

  2. Leigh says:

    Great photo and so glad to hear they’ve had babies. I have a Mrs Woodpecker visit very occasionally, but most of the peanuts I put out for the birds is guzzled by some very fat grey squirrels.

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