Dry Stone Walling 21st & 22nd July

The great weather over the weekend made for a very successful walling event. With Hywel only being slightly late, and despite Rob forgetting to mention about the state of the road on the way up to the farm, we managed to get a relatively early start!

The trip up to the walling site was also enjoyable (if not a little bumpy!).

The wall itself proved no problem for Val, Howard, Jeff, Dan, Mad Leigh, Chris, Lin, Rhianwen, Andrew (Titch) and Tom, and a great time was had by all :-).

Hope to see you all on the next walling event on the 11th and12th August!

Also, congratulations to Geoff who wasn’t able to join us as he was ‘down west’  passing his PADI Open water diver course 🙂 🙂

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1 Response to Dry Stone Walling 21st & 22nd July

  1. leighbgb7 says:

    I’ve just about got over the rally cross drive up the mountain on Saturday, but it was worth it.
    Great couple of days and I’m sure I very nearly got a well done out of Hywel.

    See you on the 11th.

    Well done to Geoff, he picked the best weekend to be underwater!

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