New Natural Resource Body Consultation Launched

New natural resource bodyWales: have your say on its future powers and functions

The Welsh Government Environment Minister, John Griffiths, is keen to hear views on how the new body that will manage Wales’ natural resources should operate and exactly what powers and duties it should have.

The Minister has today launched an eight week consultation which invites further views on specific aspects of the powers and functions of the new body that is due to become fully operational on 1 April 2013.

The new body will replace Environment Agency Wales, Countryside Council for Wales and Forestry Commission Wales. Its aim is to ensure the most sustainable and effective management of Wales’ natural resources, to deliver a more streamlined way of working and to cut unnecessary duplication to a minimum.

It is estimated that over ten years the body will deliver up to £158 million in benefits before costs, freeing up resources for front line delivery.

The consultation is split into two parts. The first looks at the overarching duties of the new body and specifically those relating to natural beauty, conservation, access, protection of historic landscape and forestry. These are areas where a number of duties have to be brought together and reconciled, rather than simply transferred.

The second part of the consultation will consider the legal and working arrangements of the body. These include: cross-border issues; regulation and enforcement, monitoring and sampling of cross-border sites and impacts; emergency response including the transfer of powers under the Control of Major Accidents and Hazards Regulations (COMAH); and transitional arrangements e.g. measures to transfer ongoing prosecutions, existing decisions and permits to the body.

The consultation builds on previous consultative work which looked at arrangements for establishing the new body and considered how it should best be directed. It will run until 5 October 2012 and its results will help to shape the Second Order, which will come into effect on 1 April 2013, when the body becomes fully operational.

To access the online consultation, click here.

If you’d like to respond to the consultation, complete the online form on the above link or do one of the following:


Carrie Moss
‘A Living Wales’ Programme Team
Department for Environment and Sustainable Development
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Additional information:
If you have any queries on this consultation, please telephone: 029 2082 5527.
The information you send to us will be published in a summary of responses to this consultation. Normally the names and addresses (or part of them) of their authors are published along with the response. If you do not wish to be identified as the author of your response, please state this clearly when you write or e-mail.


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