‘…it only takes some volunteers to plant a thousand trees’

Tree Planting at Coed y Mwswtr Hotel, Coychurch 26thJanuary 2013


This was the first Bridgend Countryside volunteer event of the year and snow was still on the ground when we met at Coed y Mwtswr Hotel for some tree planting.2Coed y Mwstwr had put aside a large area in one of their fields for the tree planting.  We had over a thousand trees (1300) of varying species that were mixed up to create a diverse woodland mix.  Each small tree was carefully planted and then given a bamboo stake and a protective cover to stop the rabbits eating our new woodland before it began.3




We had planted over a thousand trees by lunchtime when Coed y Mwstwr put on sandwiches, homemade soup and coffee for the volunteers.    4

 Warmed up by the soup the volunteers stayed on to plant the remaining 200 trees so that they wouldn’t dry out in storage.  The great thing about tree planting is that you can really see the impact of your work straight away.  The sight of a hillside with 1300 tree guards on it in a wide horseshoe shape is very impressive.5

Thank you and well done everybody – what ‘wood’ we have done without you?! 🙂

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