New East Glamorgan Wildlife Blog

A new wildlife blog for East Glamorgan wildlife had been set up by George Tordoff and Adam Mantell.

The pair aim for the blog to sit alongside Barry Stewart’s ‘Gower Wildlife’ blog, which covers Gower and the west of the county, meaning that there is now a place to post sightings, topical wildlife news items, details of events etc, for the whole county.

Here is the link:

The blog has been running for a couple of weeks so there are a few posts on there already. Their intention is that moths, dragonflies and bird sightings will mostly continue to go to their existing specialised blogs, but that the new blog will provide a home for other groups.

Please feel free to post as often as you like, about anything from liverworts to liver flukes and pass on the link to anyone else you think will be interested.

With all this blog competition don’t forget to keep following Bridged Countryside for your Bridgend wildlife and environmental volunteering needs.


About Bridgend Countryside Volunteer Events

Bridgend Countryside Volunteer blog provides details of the opportunities to get involved with managing the coast and countryside in the County Borough of Bridgend
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