Can you help @SWWARG with toads on Roads? #ToadPatrol @argroupsuk

SWWARG are looking for assistance with toad crossings all around South and West Wales!

Volunteers need no previous experience but must have access to wet weather gear and wellies. SWWARG can provide torches, Hi-Viz, buckets, signs etc. Toads are explosive breeders and therefore exhibit a mass migration from their hibernation site to their spawning ponds. Problems arise when roads are situated between the hibernation site and their spawning pond/s. Toads tend to begin to cross at dusk, which unfortunately coincides with rush-hour traffic at this time of year. Male toads also use the road to seek females, making them vulnerable to road traffic. These factors lead to mass mortality at crossing points.

Here is a list of specific crossings that we need help with in Bridgend.

Tondu, Bridgend – contact or Emma Douglas on 07811 187087

Heol-y-Cyw, Bridgend – contact or Emma Douglas on 07811 187087

Please check out Froglife’s list of registered toad crossings for others in your area

We are looking for help from 6pm every rainy evening when the temperature is above 5 degrees celsius, from now until the end of March (approximately!). We tend to stay out until 8.30/ 9pm as by then the traffic has lessened. If anyone knows of a crossing that needs to be covered then please contact us via 

South & West Wales Amphibian & Reptile Group (SWWARG)


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