My Green Space short videos

Ncompass and  Dream Machine Media are working on a small project for Bridgend Countryside & Tourism department, creating a series of short films and an interactive map to showcase Bridgend’s Green Spaces – with a particular focus on Local Nature Reserves.

They are looking for people to feature in the short films – those who enjoy the space for leisure/sport, those who volunteer in the space and contribute to the environment, or perhaps those who use the assets of the space to enhance or contribute to their work.  The short films will appear on an interactive map on a website for Bridgend which is currently in development and they’ll be available through social media campaigns.  Each film will be between 45-60 seconds long.  They’ll showcase the spaces in quite a ‘romantic’ way, and it’s a great opportunity to generate publicity for the Local Nature Reserves and encourage people to visit through the video interaction.

We are looking for BBP members or their volunteers who may be willing to be part of this project. The project isn’t limited to the LNRs if we could entice you to feature in the short videos, we want you to talk about your ‘green space’ (not necessarily in a nature reserve, but in Bridgend).

The majority of filming will be conducted in early September. This will enable us to catch the autumnal colours and complete filming before the winter sets in. So act now to get your green space included.

Please could you let Suryiah know if you have any contacts or if you’d like to be involved in the project and please spread the word with any local ‘green space’ volunteers.


About Bridgend Countryside Volunteer Events

Bridgend Countryside Volunteer blog provides details of the opportunities to get involved with managing the coast and countryside in the County Borough of Bridgend
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